Name: Dani Fitch
Country: Australia
Ages: 27
Height: 175.0 cm
Weight: 55.0 kg
I have a warm heart and a bright mind with an insatiable thirst to make a difference in the world. I have been involved in children’s welfare charities for a few years now. It originally started with Destiny Rescue, a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Asia. As a passionate supporter of the universal declaration of human rights, I stand up for the deepest violations of basic human rights. I particularly stand for those that are the most vulnerable; children, the elderly and the unwell. When I was 14 I received an Australian student's literary award for my piece titled 'Forgive the World' which describes the increasing state of entropy and chaos in the world and only through peace and unity can we stop the world from self-destructing. 12 years later, I endeavoured to make small changes in my own life as I undertook leadership roles to influence others to make similar small changes so that together we may hopefully make a difference.
About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign : The state of our world is one of utter chaos and destruction and it beckons for a voice of change. The world more than ever needs someone to speak up and stand for the fallen. I for one stand for the betterment of humanity and as Miss Grand Australia the 'Stop the War and Violence' campaign means taking a stand to reduce and remove violence both at our doorstep and abroad to stop wars arising or worsening. Peace starts with a voice of reason. Peace starts with you and me.